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Tea Tree Essential Oil Foot Bath 精油泡脚锭

Tea Tree Essential Oil Foot Bath 精油泡脚锭


The bodies’ senses are reaching a state of natural relaxation with our De-Stress fragrances. We do not use artificial fragrance, but instead 100% natural plant essential oils to give off that lovely smell you’ll love when taking one for yourself or as a gift! The pigments used in these products also come from edible food coloring so there’s no risk about getting an allergic reaction on your skin like other brands might provide–and since they’re all vegetable-based it won’t irritate sensitive skins either.

The effect of our HaRoma De-Stress series is to help you relax both your body and mind after a long day. The sweet fragrance will help soothe both physical tension as well mental weariness while also giving yourself some self care in honoring what makes us human: our natural desires for comfort through scent! Each De-Stress series is formulated with 100% essential oils containing precious geranium, relaxing lavender and bergamot.

Ingredients:  Tea Tree essential oil, Pure essential oil, Sweet almond oil, Houttuynia cordata, Citric acid, Tartaric, Platycladus leaf powder.
Size: 9g / 20 tablets



Foot bath contains tea tree natural essential oil, which can effectively relieve the strain and fatigue of the feet. It helps to relax the leg muscle, speed up the metabolism of the body and achieve a good detoxification effect. So as to promote blood circulation, frequent use of this product for footbathing can bring good and energetic spirit to the people.

泡脚锭含有茶树天然精油,能有效缓解足部的劳损和疲劳。 它有助于放松腿部肌肉,加快身体的新陈代谢,达到非常好的排毒效果。 从而促进血液循环,多使用此产品泡脚能够让人保持精神愉快,活力四射。

How to use:

Use 1 or 2 foot bath at a time, dissolve it in a bucket filled with warm water and soak your feet for 10-15 minutes.
* Recommend to use 3-5 times a week

* 建议每周可使用 3-5 次

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